Informed Consent Policy

Prior to participant enrollment in any trial published in the PPCRJ, researchers must acquire signed informed consent documentation for each and every participant. In addition, within each study design protocol, it is the authors' responsibility to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken so that each study participant is aware of, and provides written consent for trial participation. 


A study’s informed consent documentation makes participants aware of what specifically they are committing to comply with at the outset of a trial. The participants’ signature signals consent to described procures, as well as the use of an individual’s potentially identifiable information including but not limited to images and photographs (simply blacking out the eyes in such instances if not acceptable), recordings, videos, charts, case reports, and any other information that may pose a threat to personal identification, privacy and/ or security. 


It is also the author’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate consent is obtained when children are the study participants, in which case their guardians are aware of, and provide written consent for the use of identifiable information. The use of any identifiable information and participant inclusion in the study without appropriate consent deems the manuscript unpublishable and the study in breach of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.