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The glucagon like peptide-1 analogue dulaglutide to prevent antipsychotic induced weight gain – a study protocol proposal

Sailer C., Sulieman I., Macedo C., Parodi M.,ín Machuca M., Ramírez C., Murrieta C., Delgoshaie N., Nanbu D., Sarmento R., Chulam T., Taha M., Cardenas Rojas A., Jaber M., Christ-Crain M., Noubary F.

Vitamin D Supplementation to Prevent Redevelopment of Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC): A Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial Protocol

Cosgarea I., Chemale Y., Ahmed K., Gunduz M., Rodriguez J., Rodriguez J., Leonardo L., de Oliveira J., Schwartz D., Tamayo A., Dhawan A., Mejia B., Schonhaut L., Olvera V., Fernandes T., Coimbra F., Crestani V., Machado F., Guimaraes P., Constantinescu G.

The efficacy of Duloxetine and exercise compared to exercise alone in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a 12-week, randomized, double-blinded, parallel trial.

Uema D., Gomes A., Schlesinger A., Hackner D., Garcia Choza D., Nunes D., Peña F., de Figuereido G., Martinez de Arredondo H., Geroula K., Zhang L., Luiz M., Rodeigues M., Al-Muhannadi M., Mansour M., Fortes P., Giglio P., Obadia R., Diaz R., Nakane S., Hort S., Almeida T.

Low-dose compared to high-dose methylprednisolone in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease exacerbation requiring invasive mechanical ventilation: a proposed randomized controlled trial

Antonio A., Said A., Garcia A., Ferreira A., Bessa F., Loss K., Medeiros L., Moura M., Lucena M., Lariço M., Silva M., Cerqueira N., Mendes P.

Fast approach by a multidisciplinary specialized team for atrial fibrillation compared to the standard of care in the emergency department - FAST-AF trial

Bistafa Liu J., Rodriguez D., Neto R., Jorge Y., Ramirez-Barbieri G., Terranova T., Hernández M.,ía Zimmermann N., Youssef M., Fragoso D., Vicentini J.,ão Cardoso R., Morikawa E., Rios K., Yamaguchi T., Ibanes A., Ascanio-Cortez L., Schaurich C., Möhwald K.

Monoclonal antibody against CGRP (TEV-48125) for preventive treatment of episodic cluster headache: a phase II randomized clinical trial protocol

Guetter C., Badreg A., Martinez C., Moura D., Espinoza E., Krause F., Vismara L., Godoy L., Serrano M.,ía Sampaio P., H., Batista R., Illigens B.

The INCA trial: a multicenter, randomized, phase II, open-label clinical trial to evaluate the combination therapy with Ipilimumab plus Nivolumab versus Chemotherapy (Pemetrexate-Cisplatin) in patients with Advanced non-squamous NSCLC naive to treatment

Barro C., Affonso A., Waquar A., Aragao N., Bakheet A., Cajiao K., Souza A., Díaz L., Fowler C., Herrera R., Huapaya L., Kornienko K., Magalhães A., Menezes T., Mordojovich M.,ía-A., Nosé R., Pan H., Persivale K., Poveda C., Ramos C., Rodrigues M., Ruiz J.,é Soares R., DangHan X.

Cognitive effects of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation and high-dose cocoa flavonoids on an acutely sleep-deprived, highly educated population: a proposed single-center, phase II, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, factorial study

El-Hagrassy M., Vaz de Macedo A., Ercan Dogan A., Piza P., Kim K., Kaiser de Souza D., Moreno J., Riba L., Alsammani M., Romero P., Neme G., Malpica P., Ferreira C., Cáceres G., Bendezu-Quispe G., Camargo C., De Lavallaz J., Vespoli S., Corrales M., Reggane M., Norberto Z., d., N., Dantas A., Vidal O., Filho F., Nguyen T., Fregni F.

Propranolol versus carvedilol for the primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding: a proposed multicenter, randomized, double-blind trial

Alvarez-Sotomayor D., Le Bihan D., Ruiz Talero P., Hung W., Neves da Costa J., Cuadro Seregni L., Duprat Ceniccola G., Lapusca R., Nakagami Cetl A., Muneer M., Souza Sobral F.,áv., Teixeira Costa B., Lucena Leal P., Muzmil M., Gervasoni M., Pei Chen chan R., Pires Camargo C.

Efficacy of topical dexamethasone-cyclodextrin microparticle eye drops compared with ranibizumab in diabetic macular edema: a phase II, multicenter, randomized controlled non-inferiority trial.

Schoeppe F., Franca J.,ça., Fandino W., Siqueira A., Gadallah A., Castillo Medina A., Blackman A., Nadeem E., Gonçalves F., Abdalla H., Sanchez Raya J., Gonzalez J., Silva O., Kataguiri P., Rosado-de-Castro P., H., Pereira S., Ruiz R., Calero S., Merabet L.

The Genesis of The CHAMP-Path: Pragmatic RCTs Methodology

Ismail S., Khalil M., Hafez J., Yusuf O., Thomson J., Siddiqui M., Quadri K.H. M.

Morphometric and Connectivity White Matter Abnormalities in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Goncalves Ós., Carvalho S., Leite J., Fernandes-Gonçalves A., Carracedo A., Sampaio A.

PETKO: Pilates Exercise Training before Knee arthroplasty in patients with Osteoarthritis A two-arm, randomized, open-label assessor blinded phase II clinical trial

Ernest-Suarez K., Aguilar-Salinas P., Junior L., D., Mondaca S.,án Narita Z., Lauterbach G., d., P., Rodríguez-Roblero M.,ía C., Valente Moreira C., H., Torrealba-Acosta G.

Targeted-delivery of chemotherapy (NANOLEUK) vs standard chemotherapy in acute myeloid leukemia: a proposed randomized, double-blinded, multicenter efficacy trial

Pereira M.,-I., Halalau A., Rodrigues Bár., Reyes L., Merchán-del Hierro X., Ribeiro A., P., Valadares R., Camargo A.

Effect of 12-week dark chocolate intake combined with low-energy diet and exercise on weight loss in obese adults: a phase II randomized controlled trial protocol

Savoldelli R., Mok C., Costa Junior W., Sapienza A., Bahmad Jr F., Rocha J., Marcelino M., Fukuda M., Piera P., Buccheri R., Tavarez S., Csipak A., Conde C., Palomino C., Bortolini E., Anzengruber F., Gutierrez L., Unterrainer M., Dionisio M., R., Yu M., Guba M., Murillo N., Bernardo P., Tominaka R., Herrera W., Valentin L.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and EEG-Alpha power in elderly undergoing elective on-pump CABG: Design of a pilot exploratory proof-of-concept trial

Medorima S., K., Chávez A., S. Ramírez Negrín A., Paolino B., d., S., Roesler Cás., d., P., Nunn D., Fabara E., E. Duchnicky Junior J., Miranda Borducchi J.,é H., Tabosa do Egito J., G.,ão Agati L., Garcia M., Monge-Fuentes V.

The effects of individually tailored rTMS on hand function in chronic stroke: a protocol for an adaptive, phase II, randomized, sham-controlled clinical trial

Jannati A., PEP T., H R Lopes G., Babiker-Mohamed M., Huerta R., LB F., Haseeb A., Nakashima A., Chan A., Cervantes Garcia Rodrigues A., Andino A., Leon-Justel A., Castro A., Viveiros C., Quiroz Robladillo D., Saito E., Garcia G., Carrasco H., Gulzar J., CT Chao J., de Nadai M., Grana M., Lioliou O., Rossell-Perry P., Obando T., Takada T., Jeanneret V., RRCC B.

Phentermine/Topiramate extended release versus Lorcaserin for weight reduction in obese adult patients: design of a randomized, double-blind, multicentric clinical study

C. S. Lima L., J. Avelino-Silva T., A. A. A. Mota R., M. P. D. C. Silva C., L. Henrique C., Mano-Silveira D., A. B. Caligaris C., R. S. Camargo C., Rodriguez D., D. Couto-Netto S., Borducchi G., Alvarez R., E. Cardena C., Badreg A., Vasquez A., A. L. D’Ancona C., D. Berrezueta C., C. Porras J., Vasquez L., L. Zavaleta M., Maurer M., R. Calderón M., W. Gehring T., Wada T., Schultz V., Valim C.

Vitamin D Supplementation for the Prevention of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in Women - PROUD: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Rodriguez-Sanchez M. I., Camacho-Palma J.F., Dominguez-Bellini C., Susanna B., Oliveira de Andrade Lopes F., Gupta A., Accioly Rosa A., Gondo-Hirano A., Yermekbayeva B., Kunath C., Nishikawa C., Pinto C., Krieger Déb., Penteado G., Stefanello J., Brenes L., M., Alvarez Contreras L., R., Bento M., Garcia M., Nakaguma M., Kanayama M., Lincoln Liow M., H., Reis N., Mizumoto N., Pinto R., Shitara S., Niitsu T., Vasconcellos V.

Efficacy and safety of Dapagliflozin vs. Canagliflozin in addition to metformin for treatment of type 2 diabetes, a randomized, double-blind, non-inferiority clinical trial

Hafidh K., Sakanishi Y., Hurtado P., M. V. Ritter A., Werth S., Arthaud Berthet Nunes de Souza A., P., Villarreal Rodriguez M., F., Valencia Serna J., A., Gonzalez-Nolasco B., de Castro Oliveira L.

A Randomized Double-Blinded Superiority Trial to Compare the Efficacy of Vitamin D3 and Calcium versus placebo in Prevention of Hip Fractures in Elderly Women

Fagotti L., Balbino M., Bispo Gonzalez Truffa T.,ís Susanna C., Calvo-Marin J., M Fuentes B J., C., Carrasco Rueda J., M.,ía Villares da Costa L. G.

A review of endothelial reactivity test and skin conditions

Pires Camargo C., Barucci Vieira G., A., Correa Lopes Costa E., A., Gemperli R.

Sensory perception of patients with sleep disorders

Grippre T., Elbaz M., Yauy K., Delgado-Rodrigues R., Leger D.

Simulation in Medical Education: Brief history and methodology

Jones F., Passos-Neto C., E., Freitas Melro Braghiroli O.

Assessing potential neurophysiological signatures of chronic corneal pain and its modulation through non-invasive brain stimulation: A commentary

Chanes L., Doruk D., Leite J., Carvalho S., Malavera A., Jacobs D., Chodosh J., Melki S., Valero-Cabré A., B. Merabet L., Fregni F.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: Prevalence among men and women in the Peruvian Amazon town of Yantalo

Obregón Julca E., Gonzales Aste F., Calagua Bedoya C., Heredia Benavides C., Flores Flores O. G.

Cognitive rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury: study protocol for a randomized, sham controlled, multicenter trial

Ghotme K., Arenz D., Murcia D., Pagnano K., de Figuereido E., C., Pires Camargo C., D’Innocenzo M., Nakanishi M., Dias M., dos Santos L., Abuistyitie M., de Matos L., Gomes C., M., Ahmed W., Pekin B., Loureiro D., Mvula J., Russo Hortencio T., D., Pinheiro Falcão D., Singh S., O’Hara Veintimilla K., L. Stumm C., Strusberg A., Naranjo- Sanchez F., Barsotti C., Souza Xavier M., Betoni Guglielmetti L., G., Bobba S., Nobecourt P., Kimachi M., Vakilzadeh G., Kerik N. E.