Reviews, opinions and insights for future clinical trials: an overview of PPCR journal

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Aurore Thibaut


Dear Colleagues, authors and readers of PPCR
We are pleased to release the third issue of Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (PPCR – ISSN 2378-
1890). In this edition, four articles are available encompassing various areas of medical research. First, Camargo et
al., in a short review, discuss skin anatomical characteristics and conditions that can influence endothelial function.
In a second review, Khurana exposes the different aspects of the long anterior zonule phenotype and proposes some
insights for future clinical trials. Thibaut & Laureys provide a systematic review on brain stimulations for patients
with disorders of consciousness. The authors emphasize the importance of future controlled clinical trials to improve
the understanding of potential treatments in such patients. Finally, Teixeira Santos et al. propose a mini review of
the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on working memory in elderly. They mention the interesting
effects about it, however better parameters still need to be identified in order to improve the benefits of such
These four articles, that cover diversified areas of clinical research, provide a nice overview of the state of the art
in each specific field, as well as interesting insights and the challenges that need to be addressed in future clinical
This issue illustrates the main goal of our journal, which is to promote the work and training of clinical researchers
in various fields of research. We encourage our readers, both clinicians and researchers, to submit clinical trials,
interesting case reports, study protocols or systematic review to our journal. We hope to receive many valuable
manuscripts for the upcoming editions.
With our very best regards!

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