Fifty years of type 2 diabetes clinical trials: a short review

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Thiago Bosco Mendes
Iago Navas Perissinotti


Background and Aim: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) is a global health concern, with more than 385 million people affected nowadays. Given its importance, many clinical trials were performed to evaluate aspects of this disease, especially the development and treatment of complications. The objective of this study is to elaborate a short review of the history, methodology, strengths and weakness of some major publications regarding T2D.

Methods: We selected and carefully analyzed five T2D clinical trials based on the suggestion of 5 experts in Brazil and Belgium.
Conclusion: In a time-line evolution, outcomes are becoming more objective. Recent trials have larger sample sizes with multiple recruiting centers and a successful attempt to avoid both random and systematic errors.


Keywords: Diabetes mellitus type 2clinical trialsshort review

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