Practical Course in Pediatric Surgery ministered by students of an Academic League in Salvador- BA, Brazil

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Leonardo Dantas da Silva Pereira
Camila Schlang
Danilo Ramos
Braulio Xavier


On the past few decades, medical student’s interest in a surgical career has been decreasing. Academic Leagues are institutions linked to medical school,that are managed by medical students. Simulation is an educational technic based on tasks and reproduction of procedures through an artificial model. This article reports a practical course on Pediatric Surgery from students to students using simulation based learning.

A practical Course for 30 students (divided in five groups). Groups take turns on each proposed subject matter on pediatric surgery (acute abdomen, acute scrotum, bowel obstruction, obstructive jaundice and abdominal masses). Students received flowcharts on managing each syndrome. Before the course begins, a pre test was given to all students to evaluate performance on the subjects. At the end of the course the same tests were applied as an evaluation of learning for comparison. At the end a course evaluation chart was submitted.

25 students answered the evaluation chart and 21 of them answered both tests. Pre test grades ranged from 0 to 9,2, (4,1 average), post test grades ranged from 3,5 to 10 (7,5 average) students’s grades variated from 8% to 77% (34% average). The course was well evaluated by the participants regarding classes, organization, instructors and subject matter.

All participants showed positive variation on test grades. Results suggests that simulation based learning helps acquataince with the subject matter. Academic leagues make students to learn with themselves and stimulate teaching, research and extension. We believe that courses like these can enhance students interest for surgery.

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