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PPCR aims to provide a medium for the publication of scientific articles of high quality, thus promoting the work and training of clinical researchers globally. 

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Professor Felipe Fregni MD, PhD, MMSc, MPH

Managing Editors:

Paola Gonzalez-Mego MD

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios MD, MSc

Online ISSN: 2378-1890

H-index - 3

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License: CC BY 4.0
Copyright – Dustin Tyler Joyce

Vol. 8 No. 2 (2022): Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

Published: 2022-07-03

The pros and cons of tDCS as a therapeutic tool in the rehabilitation of chronic pain

Johnson Ho, Eric Slawka, Kevin Pacheco-Barrios, Alejandra Cardenas-Rojas, Luis Castelo-Branco, Felipe Fregni


Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Inform Randomized Controlled Trial Design in Chronic Pain Research: Methods for Guiding Decisions on the Addition of a Run-In Period

Haley Rafferty, Elisa Rocha, Paola Gonzalez-Mego, Clara Ramos, Mirret M El-Hagrassy, Muhammed E Gunduz, Elif Uygur-Kucukseymen, Hanan Zehry, Swapnali Chaudhari, Paulo EP Teixeira, Gleysson R Rosa, Ana L Zaninotto, Christopher Connor, Uri Eden, Ciro Ramos-Estebanez, Felipe Fregni, Laura Dipietro, Timothy Wagner


Are Patients Acknowledged in Clinical Research? A Systematic Survey

Francisco J. Barrera, Sofía Mariño-Velasco, Jorge Zúñiga-Hernández, Patricia Lizeth Castillo-Morales, Miguel Zambrano-Lucio, Juan P. Brito, René Rodríguez-Gutiérrez


The impact of positive social reinforcement on time-to-attrition from the Diabetes Prevention Program in college students at high risk for Type II Diabetes: a study protocol for a phase 3, multicenter, cluster randomized trial

A. Bhandari, A. Concha-Mejia, A. Vasquez, A. Peralta, A. Rivera, G. Vallejos, H. Lu, J. Cardoso-Mourao, L. Assad, L. Handal, L. Kirihara, M. DeCain, M. Deger, M. Jimenez, M. Schulz, N. Mazariegos, N.V. Racu, N. Rincon, P. Parra, S. Arroub, S. Kalmadka, S. Olagun, V. Balbuena

Neurofeedback for Attention Deficit Disorder in preschoolers (NeFAP): A randomized, sham-controlled, efficacy study protocol of a novel non-pharmacological therapy

Alba Pugliesi MD, Niraj Mehta MD PhD , Daniel Guimarães Silva , Jennifer P. Khouri López MD, Cornelis Anibal Luna Fuerte MD , Nicolas Nuñez-Ordonez MD , Suzy Krimon, Omar Kotb , Sahilly Adelina Rodríguez-Martínez MD, Janaina Lima , Douaa Omer Mohamed MPH BDS CPHQ, Cristiane Paulain David MD, Nathalia Satoo Demian F., Joyce Macedo da Silva MD, Adriana Yock-Corrales MD MSc.

The effect of SpeechVive device on speech intelligibility in Parkinson’s Disease patients: Randomized Clinical Trial Protocol

Laura Michelle Santana Rodriguez, Amanda Marcinowska, Criscely Go, Alicia Gonzalez, Gabriela Pinto, Qiang Nai, Vasthala Juvvingunta, Oriana Escobar, Joao Pedro Lima, Enrique Bedoya-Ismodes, Mohammad Mohsin Arshad, Ana Carolina Benites, Renata Couto, Abel Perez , Andres Pavlovic, Samuel Ramos Garcia, Jaweria Akram, Jesabelle Dominguez, Luisa dos Santos, Wei Zhang, Michael Sheng-Fu Feng, Basil Alshekh, Priscila Prais Carneiro, Suellen Riccio, Daniel Urla, Ygor Junqueira, Jose Agustin Rojas, Arturo Tamayo, Elly Pichardo, Lucas Pepe Mena, Diego Daniel Garcia, Denise S Schwartz


Telehealth usability evaluation by healthcare professionals in post-pandemic treatment of non-communicable diseases (hypertension and diabetes): Systematic Review Protocol

Leveraging digital healthcare experiences for post-pandemic non-communicable disease (ncds) research - a multidisciplinary network engaging Brazil, Ghana, and the UK

Roberta Lins Gonçalves, Adriana Silvina Pagano, Zilma Reis, Seth Kwaku Afagbedzi, Michael Head , Kenny Brackstone , Milena Marcolino , Tainá Costa Pereira Lopes, Sarah Almeida Cordeiro, Julia Macedo Nunes , James Batchelor, Antônio Luiz Pinho Ribeiro
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