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PPCR will therefore contribute to disseminate the latest research and updates on clinical research.

PPCR aims to provide a medium for the publication of scientific articles of high quality, thus promoting the work and training of clinical researchers globally. 

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Professor Felipe Fregni MD, PhD, MMSc, MPH

Managing Editors:

Paola Gonzalez-Mego MD

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios MD, MSc

Online ISSN: 2378-1890

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License: CC BY 4.0
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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2022): Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

Published: 2022-04-24

Can neural markers be used for fibromyalgia clinical management?

Luis Castelo-Branco, Alejandra Cardenas-Rojas, Kevin Pacheco-Barrios, Paulo E.P. Teixeira, Paola Gonzalez-Mego, Karen Vasquez-Avila, Pablo Costa Cortez, Anna Marduy, Ingrid Rebello-Sanchez, Joao Parente, S. Marzouk, Felipe Fregni


Mental health status of medical staff working in hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan: A cross-sectional study

Maham Zahid, Nafisa Tahir, K. H. Mujtaba Quadri, Amer Azhar, Mohammad Mahtab Shabir, Abdul Wahab, Urfi Urfi, Kinza Waqar, Danish Nadeem

A systematic review on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in the treatment of obesity

Juliana Kazumi Saeki, Vivian Marques Miguel Suen, Priscila Giacomo Fassini


Non-Pharmacological Measures in Control of Pain and Stress in Critical Preterm Newborn:

Systematic Review Protocol and Network Meta-analysis

Taina Costa Pereira Lopes, Alexia Gabriela da Silva Vieira, Lucas Normando da Silva, Alexandre Lopes Miralha, Maria do Socorro Lucena Cardoso, Edson de Oliveira Andrade, Roberta Lins Gonçalves


Effects of home air purifiers in the quality of life of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Mexico City:

a phase III, single-center, triple-blinded, randomized controlled trial (GREAT-COPD).

L. Otalvaro Acosta, C. Raggio, M. Younis, R. Motta, J. Espinoza, J. Szaszdi, P. López, M. Fernandez, L. Rocha, D. Schoene, S. Abu Jamra, E. Saldanha, J. Guajardo, K. Ariza, J. Li, K. Loss


XIII International Symposium of Neuromodulation: Conference Abstracts

International Symposium of Neuromodulation Scientific Team


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