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Professor Felipe Fregni MD, PhD, MMSc, MPH

Managing Editors:

Paola Gonzalez-Mego MD

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios MD

Online ISSN: 2378-1890

H-index - 3

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Science Gate -  https://www.sciencegate.app/source/1713572797

License: CC BY 4.0

Vol. 7 No. 4 (2021): Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

Published: 2022-01-10

Accelerating the translation of research findings to clinical practice: insights from phantom limb pain clinical trials

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios, Paulo Sampaio de Melo, Karen Vasquez-Avila, Alejandra Cardenas-Rojas, Paola Gonzalez-Mego, Anna Marduy, Joao Parente, Ingrid Rebello-Sanchez, Pablo Cortez, Meghan Whalen, Luis Castelo-Branco, Felipe Fregni


Competency-Based Self-Assessment Tools: A Mixed-Methods Retrospective Analysis of Need

Peter Trinh, Barbara Tafuto, Yasheca Ebanks, Zahra Zunaed, Doreen Lechner


Acceptance towards COVID-19 vaccine: A cross-sectional study in the Dominican Republic.

María isabel Marte, MD., Elly Pichardo, MD., Vahid Nouri Kandany, MD., Maxima Mendez Castillo, MD.


A Practical Guide to Perform a Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis

Andrés Felipe Herrera Ortiz, Eduard Cadavid Camacho, Julián Cubillos Rojas, Tatiana Cadavid Camacho, Stephani Zoe Guevara, Nury Tatiana Rincón Cuenca, Andrés Vásquez Perdomo, Valeria Del Castillo Herazo, Rubén Giraldo Malo


Home-based transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and motor imagery for phantom limb pain using statistical learning to predict treatment response: an open-label study protocol

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios, Alejandra Cardenas-Rojas, Paulo S. de Melo, Anna Marduy, Paola Gonzalez-Mego, Luis Castelo-Branco, Augusto J. Mendes, Karen Vásquez-Ávila, Paulo E. P. Teixeira, Anna Carolyna Lepesteur Gianlorenco, Felipe Fregni


Deferasirox on COVID-19: safety and efficacy of iron-chelating therapy. A multicentric, randomized, triple blinded study

Natalia Garcia, MD. , Anthony Gutierrez-Martinez, MD. , Elly Pichardo, MD. , Irvianny Madera, Lorgis Jiménez, Nicolle Batlle, Katherine Calderon, MD.


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