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Professor Felipe Fregni, MD, PhD, MMSc, MPH

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Kevin Pacheco-Barrios, MD, MSc, MPH

Mustafa Reha Dodurgali, MD

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CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline: November 2020)

Special Issue: “Neuromodulation in Adult and Child Psychiatry, Neurology, Rehabilitation, and Neuroscience Research”

As the neuromodulation field continues to expand, with increasing evidence of its potential, updating itself with the passing of time with new technology, wearable smaller devices, remote-controlled devices, and new behavioral techniques, further research is necessary to establish its efficacy and safety as formal therapeutic options for different conditions. Therefore, we are creating this special issue to boost this needed science progress together with the XII International Neuromodulation Symposium.

This call for papers includes, but is not limited, to the following topics:

  • Neuromodulation in healthy population
  • Neuromodulation for neurological disorders
  • Neuromodulation and treatment of psychiatric conditions
  • Invasive and non-invasive techniques
  • Central and peripheral stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, etc.
  • Mindfulness, meditation, neurofeedback as techniques of neuromodulation
  • Neuromodulation in neuroscience research
  • Neuromodulation in rehabilitation research
  • Neuromodulation in neurosurgery

For author’s information please see the following link: https://journal.ppcr.org/index.php/ppcrjournal/special

Vol. 9 No. 2 (2023): Principles and Practice of Clinical Research

Published: 2023-09-03

Editorial - Seeking Brain Homeostatic Compensatory Mechanisms for Pain Control

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios, Lucas M Marques, Mustafa Reha Dodurgali, Daniela Martinez-Magallanes, Sara P. Barbosa, Marianna Daibes, Jorge Ortega Márquez, Paulo S de Melo, Marcel Simis, Wolnei Caumo, Felipe Fregni

Pursuing Dementia in People Living with HIV: Prevalence and Associated Factors

Daniela Lamas, Simone Barros Tenore, David Salomao Lewi, Paulo Roberto Abrao Ferreira

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Opioid Use Disorder: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Victor Anculle, Mohammed S Alnafisah, Karen Czischke, Ángel L. Rodríguez Lockward, Murilo Simão Cenovicz, Nassima Allouche Colak, Alexandra Frealdo Dumont Alves, Emilia Kvasnicka, Rafael A F Barros, Juliana A M Couto Magalhães, Fernando Zanela da Silva Arêas, Rabia Islam, Beatrice Nyawira, Pedro Lança Gomes, Ana Victoria P. Vigano, Sorivel Sosa, Sara Pinto Barbosa, Flávia Regina Bueno

Digital Interventions in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Lucía Julia Salgueiro, Keiry Pereyra-Bencosme , Cristian Vargas-Martínez , Jorge Ortega Marquez, Santiago Callegari Osorio, Amanda Robasini-dos Santos, Alberto Castro Molina, Allan Vásquez-Bolaños, Diego Olavarría-Bernal, Gabriel Soares-de Sousa, Elaine Cristina Marqueze, Cecília Mendes-de Sousa

Umbilical Cord-Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for COVID-19 Related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Mini-Review

Bryan Monterroso Yancor, Roselyn Lemus Martin, Daniela Alonso-Ruiz, Nicole A. Sanchez-Iriarte, Lucas Maffioletti Gonçalves, Mónica Rosales-Salán, Jose Bustos, Aisha Aladab, Dahiana Garcia De La Rosa, Emilio Israel Wong-Valenzuela, Krista Cano

Inflammasomes as a Prognostic Marker and Possible Therapeutic Target in Multiple Sclerosis: A Rapid Review of the Literature

Nury Tatiana Rincón Cuenca, Daniela Pereira Lamas , Rosa Fernández Hawa, Ketty Quezada, Luisa García, Pamela Báez , Assma Althobaity, Ngozi Dim

Effect of Occupational Therapy on Cognition in Patients with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematized Literature Review

Leandra Ramin-Wright, Niels Pacheco-Barrios, Sandra Zhong, Marion Stokvis-Blok, Alanna Barrios-Ruiz, Aala Elhadi, Stefany Alfaro-Amez, Deborah Estrella, João P. G. Kasakewitch, Cecilia Plaza, Camila Garcia, Renata Medeiros, Nayara Rutes, Guilherme Areas

Effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in Patients with Post-Stroke Related Dysarthria: A Double-Blinded, Phase-II Randomized Sham-Controlled Trial Protocol - ULYSSES Trial

Mustafa Reha Dodurgali, Roser Coll-Fernández, Fernanda Queiroz Petrus , Márcio Kawano, Franziska Schreiber, Nayara de Lima Froio, Guilherme Jose Machado Lacerda, Edilin Lopez, Adrielly Martins, Angélica Flores-Flores, Belen Machado, Bethânia Soares dos Santos, Bianca Parron , Christiany Marilinn Tapia Argudo , Claudia Renata dos Santos Barros, Cristina Stephan, Daniela Bouzas Rodeiro, Gustavo Mucci , James Alfonso Carvajal Acosta, Larrie Rabelo Laporte, Laura De Leon Benedetti , Luis Morales Ojeda , Paula Raso Bastos, Regina Villalobos, Vinicius Trindade Gomes da Silva , Abdul Haseeb , Mariana Gasparoto Pereira Valério , Renata Junqueira Moll-Bernardes , Roseanne Ferreira de Freitas Euzébio , Gabriel Rangel Olivera , Caio Cesar dos Santos Kasai , Fathima Minisha, Juan Carlos Silva Godinez

Curcumin for Aromatase Inhibitor-Induced Joint Pain in Breast Cancer Survivors - The CurPain Trial: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Phase III, Multicenter Clinical Trial

Michaela Apostolou, Tina Méry, Ivan Aivasovsky, Milena Akamatsu, Marianna Daibes, Winifer Araujo, Maria Burgos, Victor Capellan, Fabiana Cerulli, Vitor Costa, Wilson Fandino, Igor Farias, Vivian Gagliardi, Maria Gomez, David Guardamino, Andreina Guzman, Karla Loss, Sabah Mohamed, Veronica Montero, Javier Obeso, Alicia Rosell, Jorge Sakon, Erik Simon, Rene Tovar, Samuel Afonseca, Katarzyna Kresse-Walczak
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